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Individual project

Nowadays  opportunities of improvement and decoration of the TV are almost boundless. Today you can not only use the TV as information source, but also to make him unique addition of a decor, expression of your identity.


Non-standard forms and sizes

The unique interior requires non-standard solutions. You can choose the sizes and a form of a mirror on the discretion. Everything depends on your imagination: a triangle, an oval, a curvilinear form on your template. You can build in the TV of any diagonal from the smallest the 9th inch to the biggest – 90’’. If very big mirror square assumes you can combine mirrors a joint in a joint.


Decorative glass

It is effective LED illumination will allow to place emphasis on the appropriate element of an interior to you. Effectively will help to place emphasis on the TV set mirror faсet. Facet is a decorative slanted edge of a mirror. Often it is used for giving to surfaces of glass products of volume. Facet allows rays of light to refract under a special angle and creates a visual effect, similar to play of light on a diamond facet. The last novelty in fashionable interior design - the made old mirror. It decorates an interior as well as expensive antiques. The made old mirror in very pertinently look in interiors so fashionable nowadays in the spirit of an art deco.


Decorative cuts

You think to establish a single mirror from a wall to a wall, at the same time having integrated the TV and a sconce it isn't possible. With Mirror-Media everything is possible! Our production capacities also allows to do any cuts on glasses and mirrors under sockets, a sconce, etc. However it is worth remembering that depending on dimensions, a form and an arrangement of cuts product durability depends.